Had a fun time making a series of indents for Viceland, to play alongside their skate shows on  air. We made about 15 pieces in total; I'll try to add them as they become available online.

The Aquatic Journey - Spirit Quest

The water section from Spirit Quest is online now! A skateboarding exploration of the underwater world.

Featuring an original track by Vince Canger, available for free download:

And listen to Vince’s new playlist with songs inspired by—and songs that inspired—the Spirit Quest soundtrack:

Featuring skating by:

Eby Ghafarian, Matt Town. Carlos Young, Taylor Nawrocki, Tsuyoshi Uchida, Ryan Barlow, James Coleman, Leo Valls, James Sayres, Brian Berding, John Baragwanath, Alex Reyes, Colin Read, Seimi Miyahara, Katsumi Minami, Alex Fogt, John Lindsay, Jameel Douglas, Jimmy Lannon, Takahiro Morita.


Waltz Through Babylon - Spirit Quest Soundtrack 7" Vinyl

A lot of people have asked me about the long delay in posting a certain Spirit Quest part: Connor Kammerer's. Well... this is why....



The 7" vinyl record of the soundtrack to Connor's section is finally ready! Connor's record features a new, extended mix of the Spirit Quest Dub (which is made of looping diegetic skate sounds), and the night section's Waltz Through Babylon.

You can get the record for only 10 bucks here:

Additionally, I'm giving a free digital copy of the video away with each record purchase--including the theatrical cut of the video, and all bonus features.

Head over to Connor's site if you want a copy--it's a small run, so if you want one, get on it.

...And here is the part, of course.


Spirit Quest Dub:

Composed by Connor Kammerer, Tavo Carbone, and Colin Read

Tavo Carbone - Guitar, Bass

Quim Cardona - Melodica

Jima  - Sitar

Percussion - Connor Kammerer, Akiocham, Kenji Nakahira, Akira Komatsu


Waltz Through Babylon:

Ty Flowers - Keyboard, Bass, Vocals

Connor Kammerer - Guitar, Pedal Steel, Percussion, Vocals

Brett Johnston - Vocals


Extended mix soundtrack on 7” vinyl at

Radiohead - Man of War

I was recently asked to write and direct the music video for Radiohead's "Man of War," an released track from OK Computer being aired for its 20th anniversary.  I brought on Connor Kammerer to co-direct, and the video is finally out.  There's a lot of Mandible Claw crew tucked away in the video as extras, so keep your eyes open!  It was a plasure and honor working on the video.  Hope you enjoy it.