A lot of people have asked, and we are living in 2016 in a post-DVD player world after all.  So finally, Spirit Quest is available to rent and buy online.  With this package, you get two versions of the video:

1. The DVD version, which continues uninterrupted from part one to part two; and
2. The Theatrical Cut, seen only at premieres until now. Features a 15-minutes intermission built in between parts one and two: a visual and audio astral journey, with a timer to get you back to your seat. For home premieres or those who want the full cinema experience.

You also get 30 minutes of bonus footage, outtakes, and behind-the-scenes from the making of Spirit Quest, as well as the original web trailer.

In addition, we also have Tengu: God of Mischief available to watch for the first time since it sold out years ago!

Both videos are here at the link: